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Chemo 9, Day 8

Posted in Evidence-Based Medicine, Uncategorized with tags , , , , on March 4, 2011 by Leane Roffey Line

This is an easy day, just premeds and Taxol. For lab, we do a bloodwork. All the numbers looked very similar to numbers from the preceding weeks. Sometimes I think with chemo, you just hit a plateau — the body settles into a routine like with everything else. This doesn’t happen always, but sometimes it does. This week I added some Vitamin B complex with C to my vitamin regimen. I’m also still working on the white cell count, it could be a bit higher.

The drip went very smoothly.

When I got home I took a nap. This week, due to shifts in temperature and humidity I had a lot of joint aches. Monday was a particularly bad day, every joint in my body was speaking to me, and I had to take an extra Lortab (hydrocodone) which I don’t like to do, but it cleared up the pain problem. Pain makes you tired, so its best to keep it under control as much as possible.

I’ve been amusing myself by watching a sci-fi serial on Netflix Streaming from the 1990s called “Lexx”. I loved it back then and have an even better appreciation for it now. Hubby got us a Roku, and now I can stream over the TV in the bedroom while I’m resting. Other mini-projects I’ve worked on this week include Esperanto, and some math. Also played a few online games. The way I’ve been handling it all is just to do it in segments, and then when I get tired, just go take a short rest. It seems to work.

It’s March now and I’m glad to see it. This is our anniversary month, my birthday month, and several other event anniversary month, so we celebrate the whole month basically. Special dinners (I have stuffed pork chops in the oven at the moment for example), and some yummy things planned for over the coming weekend.

On 2/28/2011 I sold the car to a worthy individual who was perfect for it. It takes a special person to deal with an old MB, I wrote a short comment on the Chemo 9, Day 1 thread about it so check it out.

Other than that, Mark’s new blood pressure meds are working well, his pressure has been reading really nicely, and we’ve been taking it every other day so he can build a log to show his new internist, whom he greatly likes. We’re still looking for a non-invasive monitor for diabetes testing. Other than that he’s on schedule and doing pretty well.

So, this ends it for this week, the chemo appt for 3/10 will also be short, if approved I will get another Avastin dose with my Taxol. I have the week of 3/17 off, then go back for the next round of chemo on 3/24. That will be the month schedule for March, so far.

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