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Chemo 14 Day 1

Posted in Uncategorized on July 15, 2011 by Leane Roffey Line

Okay chemo. Had a full day today, Taxol, Zometa, Avastin. Did not need Aranasep shot, red blood cell up to 12.3 due to shot two weeks ago, fatigue, though better, Tho not quite perfect. Chemodate on 14th. One 15th we took some xrays as the tumor markers from two weeks ago were mixed. CA 15.3 (I think) down to 409 and CA29.27 up to 536, no trend exactly. I’m listing to port and wobble on my legs a lot so I’m in the wheelchair a lot. Tking more than my share of vitamins which I think is doing me some good. Talked to doc and since we’re out about a year from the last thoracentisis have decided to move toward getting one. He says he can hear air ceasing to move about one third up the left lung. We’ve never done the left side, so I’m all for running in that direction. When we get the x-rays back we’ll figure out the game plan. Meanwhile, we note that the pain levels (which move all over my back) are pretty much under control. I keep an exact record of what pills I take when. Basically I’m feeling okay, and am using oxyconton 10 and oxycodone 5 every 4 hours for pain and trying to eat healthy. Ocassion tylenol when needed. Taking it easy  execept for doc visits and chemo sessions.

Next visit willbe Thurs, 7/21.

Light stomach upset today so I took some zofran. Am trying to get some light exercise.

Chemo 13 Day 15

Posted in Uncategorized on July 1, 2011 by Leane Roffey Line

Running aok. Took an aranesep shot as value dropped a bit to 11.3. This should pull it back up around 12. Potassium even up a tad.  Glucose up a bit high but that’s probably due to donuts. This week I’ve felt pretty decent. Not so much back pain. Onc was pleased to hear it. Again, shortest meeting on record.

Chemo – we had predrugs and then Taxil and Avastin. FDA moving on the avastin, we’re hoping those who are on it, like myself, get to stay on it, and Sue in Accounting is checking on the procedures. Avastin has sure helped me so I really don’t want to go off it.

No Zometa thats scheduled for July 14. It looks like Marker number got drawn but aren’t back yet. I’ll check on them next week which is my week off.


Chemo 13 Day 8

Posted in Uncategorized on June 24, 2011 by Leane Roffey Line

Sessions all back to normal. HCB down from 12 to 11.8. Next week I’ll take an ARANASEP shot, doc and I both agreed –want to keep it above 11.

Every thing else fell in doc’s acceptable range so we went ahead with the Taxol. Short session today.  we just did the CBC and no official doctor visit. I think it helps when I can skip a week. Mild improvement in the back pain. The weather has gotten really warm and it feels good to me.

I have not yet rescheduled for the phyisical therepy meeting and consult. I think I am afraid my body isn’t strong enough to handle it. Anyway, I’m uncomfortable with the idea of a non-cancer person, believe it or not, working on me as if they were an expert. Makes me nervous. I’ll think on it some more. Meanwhile the new pain pill protocol and the new bp dosage of 40 mg lisinopril seems to have brought the bp down to 130/95

which for me is good.

Docs plan is to keep upping the bp dose until we get control. And I will watch the pain meds and tylenol very carefully. Am back on the gummie vitamins, and the cranberry pills (which have brought the protein trace in the urine to a trace.

Meanwhile its plenty of rest, and lots of streaming Netflix to keep my mind occupied.

June 16 Chemo 13 Day 1

Posted in Uncategorized on June 17, 2011 by Leane Roffey Line

Am a bit lighter in weight due to the vomiting episode of last week, but am working on bringing that up this week. Nurse Ashely took what I consider a false weight reading, she did it too fast and didn’t measure it correctly. We measured it at home and got 121 to her 112. From 133 even with the vomiting, that old scale at the clinic needs to be replaced. Just about everything they have overthere, from scales to bp machines doesn’t work correctly, Depends on the nurse, more or less. I have continual issues with the bp machines too, so am careful to keep home records of what my “vitals” are.I’d love to know who to speak to about this, I just leave messages on Nurse Brennan’s answering machine, she seems to transmit my messages to the right places. I think it is very important that all that information is as correct as it can be. Over time you forget things, so it makes record keeping, like on this blog for instance, important.

Bloodwork, according to doc, and in spite of  the food poisioning was good. All the values, including the HGB were up. the HGB was up to 12, so we put off the Aranesp this week. He keeps everything in a certain ratio with this chemo treatment and I have to admit I always feel better after its over. Next week its chemo but no docs appt. I feel good that he can keep me on this schedule and I only have to see him twice a month.

for prescriptions: We went up to 40mg of the Lisinopril from 20 mg. The blood pressure is still not where we want it. Also, all the drugs that use acitomenaphin we went over, and instead he put me on oxycodon fast acting 5 mg along with the 2 times per day oycodon slow action drug. That I take 2 times per day only. And the other pill just as needed for pain. The actiomenaphin (Tylenol) you can only have 4 gms per day, and I sure don’t want to overdose on that! So, the only meds I have to take now are the opiods and bp meds. All the rest of it I’m forgoing (save for the constipation drugs). My stomach still hurts a tad, I don’t feel that well, and the compazine for vomiting turns out to be some sort of anti-anxiety med and has all sorts of side effects.  Just concentration on restoring diet and getting back to “normal” for me.

We had a horrible tornado scare Thurs pm, right in the middle of chemo. We had to put me in a wheelchair, and take me and my chemo post full of drugs down to the basement. Sirens were going off and the hospital was “code black” until the weather guys said it was clear. Honestly, Wed and Thurs I felt so awful, I know it was from the weather. Mark didn’t feel all that well either. I am real weather sensitive, so I had this negative feeling all day Wed, and going into Thurs, I was really glad for the early trip into the clinic. Blood work was done early, and saw the doc early, got hooked up to the chemo at 10:15…I think the warning sirens started sounding after noon. I was half-asleep. Mark had finished the runs to the pharmacy and had just gotten back.

These tornados really can’t be underestimated. Good thing the fast thinking nurses had a plan for shuttling all of us down to the basement.

Joule Watt

Adventure of June 10, 11

Posted in Uncategorized on June 12, 2011 by Leane Roffey Line

On these dates we had a fine Bday adventure. It was Mark and Carol’s bday on the 10th so we all took off for the Toby Keith Hard Rock Cafe in Catoosa. We ate at the restaurant, which has some of the finest steak going. I got to play some penny slots, which was a lot of fun. Then we went to the nearby Hampton Inn to stay, because they have handicapped rooms with walk in showers (with our AARP cards we got a special on a king suite), and awesome beds. We came home Saturday am. I felt like I had been gone for a month.

It was a fine adventure. I took my cane and also the transport chair, and the guys wheeled me around as needed. It was massively comfortable on my back, and I was in good company. A lot of people on both cane and wheelchair were at the venues, if your having trouble getting around these are good places to go.

My luck at the penny slots was awesome this time, so I quit when I was ahead! Carol also had good luck, and Mark got to really explore both hotels.

Just because a person has cancer doesn’t mean they can’t take a day off and have some fun. Thanks to my pain pills and stuff, the trip was comfortable.

Joule Watt

June 12 — Got food poisioning. We think it was from the pizza we ordered. Emptied stomach with vomiting, and Mark had moderate diahrea. We had to call the clinic today (13th) and Nurse called us in some compazine, will pick it up in the morning. 



Tuesday, June 7th

Posted in Uncategorized on June 7, 2011 by Leane Roffey Line

Its the middle of my week off here, and I’m here to tell you this has been one of the achiest weeks on record, in particular in the morning. Not sure what has caused the aches and pains, but I have had to increase the tylenol for sure, and watch the opiods carefully. I’ll be doing some research — we did upp the ace inhibitor to 20 mg for the blood pressure issue. I”m also getting a wheelchair this week, a lightweight one. Supposed to get a call from a physical therapy group but nothing yet, I’ll have to call Nurse Wendy who was going to set up the consult.

The reason I’m blogging this week o’ pains is to let the readership know that cancer has its ups and downs, and that no one should ever think it’s any kind of easy process. The meds I take have their own kind of side effects and you have to stay up on them, just to make sure its all okay. This disease is definetly evidence based and its really difficult to get exact evidence some of the time as to the causes of things like pain. I’m grateful, for example, that the oyxcodone I just took is kicking in (15 mins), sometimes you just need to feel better and the day is doable. I would imagine that people who have other kind of clinical conditions (heart, lung, stomach, etc) also go through the process of pain management.

Anyway, that’s my two cents for this week. I’ll be back to chemo on the 16th.


Chemo 12, Day 15

Posted in Uncategorized on June 3, 2011 by Leane Roffey Line

Results from PET scan show improvement from the 4/8/2010 and 12/8/2010. Radiology report shows (1) interval decrease of metastatic involvement over from prior exams” and (2) no new lesions demonstrated. Oncologist pleased with results.

Bloodwork looked pretty good. Did take another Aranasep shot as rbc was still at 11.00.

Working now on blood pressure, upped the ace inhibitor to 20mg. Pressure was still hanging around 150/90.

Still have a lot of back pain but the Oxycodon 10 mg plus the other pain meds is working pretty well, overall.

My plan is to get some futher rest and a little exercise if I can get in to a physical therapist Nurse Wendy recommends. They will call next week, supposedly. Next week is an off week. Mark and I would like to take a short trip for his birthday to Tulsa.


May 25, PET scan

Posted in Uncategorized on May 25, 2011 by Leane Roffey Line

Short PET scan today of torso, no legs. The tech’s computer went down before he could make me a copy of the disc, and the radiologists report will be delivered to the onc. I go in tomorrow for more chemo, and hope I can find out something then.  Meanwhile, I’m hanging out in bed, early appts. like this one was, just fatigue me no end. After the appt. we had a nice breakfast at Midway Cafe, one of our favorite spots in town. I’m glad I’m still able to eat out, I enjoy it a lot.

Chemo 12 Day 1

Posted in Uncategorized on May 21, 2011 by Leane Roffey Line

Short and sweet.Full chemo plus an Aranesp shot, all ran okay. Marker numbers good: CA 27.9 down to 439.4 from 653 or so; and CA15.3 was at 413, slightly up from 384. The onc was also pleased with the hemoglobin at 11.4. We took another Aranesp shot, and expect great improvement. On the 26 May, I’ll be getting my semi-annual pet scan and I have hopes it will turn out as well as last time. All the rest of the numbers are where the onc expects them to be for the nature of my illness. Have been taking cranberry pills,multivitamins. B-complex w. C, and allergy pills.

We may get set up in the next couple weeks with some physical therapy. The doc thinks it will help my back. I’ll post if it starts, which exercises we do, etc.

Friday the 13th

Posted in Uncategorized on May 13, 2011 by Leane Roffey Line

May 13rh already. It’s a Friday the 13th, always a lucky day for me. It’s 12:20 and I’m up and moving. Thanks to the Oxycontin 10 mg the pain is low level and quietly constant in my back and abdomen. If I don’t move around too much, it stays “okay”. Weather is cool and uncomfortable here, I’m hoping it will clear by tomorrow so we can take a short drive. I’m off chemo for this week so no report until next Thursday’s session.