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Best Christmas Present Yet: Results of PET Scan taken 12/8/2010

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This really was an excellent report. Flash got hearty congratulations from the Line Pirate Ship here, he has done an amazing job. The report reads as follows:

Ordered Procedure: PET CT Whole Body

COMPARISONS: 04/05/2010

TECHNIQUE: 15.45 mCi of F-18 FDG was injected into the left wrist and
PET/CT is performed from the skull base to the midthigh. Blood glucose was
87 mg/dl prior to injection. Image acquisition commenced 60 minutes
following FDG injection.


NECK AND THORAX: Further mild decrease in size of large mass base
right-side of neck extending to supraclavicular and right axillary region.
Maximum SUV is similar to previous exam measuring 2.8. No hypermetabolic
lung lesion. No hypermetabolic mediastinal or hilar lymph nodes.

ABDOMEN AND PELVIS: Mildly hypermetabolic mass anterior-medial to lower
pole right kidney is smaller with decreased maximum SUV 4.2. No lesion in
liver. Physiologic activity in kidneys, bowel, bladder.

BONES AND SOFT TISSUE: Decrease in hypermetabolic subcutaneous nodules
with maximum SUV 3.8 for subcutaneous nodule posterior neck. Decreasing
hypermetabolic activity in upper thoracic vertabra with maximum SUV 3.4,
decreasing hypermetabolic lesion laterally left iliac crest with maximum
SUV 3.9.

1. Decreasing metastatic disease as discussed above.
2. No new lesion identified.

More news: The new onc, who shall henceforth be known here as Prince Baron, heir to the kingdom of Mongo, is super nice. I’m looking forward  to working with him. I will miss Flash, but have a feeling we’ll be seeing him again.

Chemo #17 (just the premeds and Taxol) was very smooth today. All the bloodwork came out on par as well.

Okay, final tumor marker numbers of 12/3/2010 were CA27.29 of 611.9, and CA15-3 of 535.5, the best those numbers have looked since early in 2010.

The plan is to keep on the same track until we have evidence that Taxol/Avastin isn’t working, the FDA strips Avastin from the breast cancer protocol such that Medicare will no longer pay it, or we see a trend in the numbers other than down. We’ll stick to secondary chemo in that case (probably Doxil), but I’m hoping I can continue to stay on Taxol. Taxol seems well-tolerated by my system.

Joule Watt


A full-body PET scan; An Adventure in Cost Accounting

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12/8/2010. Very few reasons will get me up early in the morning, but having a full body PET scan scheduled at 8 am is one of them. The scan, complete with radioactive injection, went super smoothly, and I’m looking forward to the interpreted results this Friday at my onc’s appointment. About the greatest Christmas present I could have is beating this cancer down, and I’m hoping the results will play true. I’ll update the blog as soon as I find out. The tech and I had an interesting discussion about fees involved, turns out that in spite of them being the truck of choice (traveling to other cities to do these), the fees can vary from place to place since every hospital has its own contract, meaning, when we put the numbers together, there is as much as a $1500 difference between a local small town not too far from here, and doing the scan here. Again, it comes down to a matter of what you can charge, why you charge it and what you’ve been getting away with for years. I’m so hoping that sooner or later medical costs will be uniformly brought in line all over the country. Now, it’s a state thing, and apparently too, a company thing. Every time the machine turns on to manufacture the flouride injectable for this test, apparently whether one container or ten containers of injectible is produced, it’s a $500 charge payable (I assume) to the state. I dunno how much of this all is true but I’ll tell ya what, if I live long enough I’m going to put in my two cents wherever you put it to help people who need fiscal help with these tests.

Also got info from Medicare on the cost of the ARANESEP injection, the number I’m reading is $2400 for the initial company purchase of the drug, not a personal cost to me of “thousands of dollars”. I don’t know what these nurses are being told, but it’s flat wrong to discourage a patient from getting a shot that will help them just because no one is 100% sure the patient can pay for it if it’s not covered by Medicare. I don’t know if it’s just Oklahoma doctors or what, but you cannot apparently trust what you’re being told! I do my best to get my co-pays off immediately, and to spend my money wisely, but I have a creepy feeling these drug prices are coming out of the air for the most part, and it’s all about the money, and not so much about making people well!!!

People, too, remember you are entitled to a copy of your tests, scans, or whatever. Don’t forget to ask for it, because if you have to change doctors for any reason, companies are now charging up to seventy-five cents or higher PER PAGE for your records.

Joule Watt

Attack of the Tiny Particles – be slightly afraid

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Attack of the Tiny Particles – be slightly afraid

  • On the one hand, I want to say, “Well, okay, this is something the EPA can address in the Obama administration.”
  • On the other hand, I have to keep reminding myself that environmental problems have long ceased to be a merely national concern.
  • So I guess I’d wish for leadership on a new wave of environmental treaties from the new President.

Google hits to warn of flu epidemics

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Google hits to warn of flu epidemics

  • This looks like a classical double-edged sword to me.
  • Before you know it, those with access to search engine trails will be able to pinpoint the hangouts of godless heathens, foreign language speakers or even Democrats.

Mini nuclear plants to power 20,000 homes

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Mini nuclear plants to power 20,000 homes

  • So, how much nuclear waste is going to be produced by those 4,000 plants, and where do they propose to put it?
  • Let me guess: waste disposal is “somebody else’s problem”.
  • If outlawing nuclear power is the only way to protect the commons, then that’s what needs to happen. It would have to be an international treaty, since waste emissions don’t respect national boundaries.

On the enigma of Consciousness

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This morning I received an interesting paper from Iona Miller, contributor to Fourth Wave, and also creator of a site for which I am an advisor, on the workings of consciousness. I found this paper, by Chris King, Mathematics Department, University of Auckland, to be very much up my alley in terms of my own thinking.

Paper: The Central Enigma of Consciousness


As we proceed into our future, it would be a good thing to understand who we might be. This paper sheds some light on that phenomenon and I recommend reading it.

Democracy in the Age of the Internet

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  • This outfit is providing a one-stop service for voter suppression complaints. It’s the Internet that makes it work.
  • Those trying to suppress voters will never be able to put the toothpaste back into the tube.