The fourth wave may or may not be visible on the horizon yet. Maybe the distant innovations we see today are just manifestations of Toffler’s third wave coming into its own. Either way, we see changes coming that are inevitable for at least some parts of the planet and they’re nothing like what most people expect.

  • We will be using less energy per capita, not more.
  • We will be traveling less, not more.
  • We will find all the information we need and be able to ignore the rest.
  • We will tell our governments what to do.
  • We will tell our physicians what to do.
  • There won’t be any public schools. The few private schools will be boutique caretaker facilities.
  • The largest cities will decrease in population, not increase.
  • There will be more humans living in currently unpopulated areas.

For now, this blog will mostly contain some links to background material and the occasional news article. Essays and short monographs will be appearing as our contributors crank them out.

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