Little Change

Little changed in Leane’s condition over the course of the day yesterday. Her temperature has been up and down several times, and right now it’s as high as it’s been. It’s possible that her brain is simply losing the ability to thermoregulate effectively. We’re keeping her as comfortable as we can with ice packs and cold, damp cloths over her forehead.

We’re now giving her one of her sublingual meds, Ativan and hydrocodone, every 2 hours round the clock. Because the support care aides are not allowed to administer meds, they’ve got me doing it. I’m able to nap in between times.

The regular hospice nurse is here now, and the regular aides will be here this afternoon on their regular schedule to give Leane her bed bath and fix the bed and such.


2 Responses to “Little Change”

  1. does the high fever seem to interfere with her ability to rest/sleep?


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