Oh My

Things are moving very rapidly now. This morning she choked up and her breathing was impaired for a brief time. We’re getting a device that will let us clear out her upper airways. She still has a fever in spite of acetominophen and bed baths and everything else they can think of to drop her temp. Her breathing is still very fast and shallow.

The on-call nurse has been here for about two hours and sees a fairly rapid decline in Leane’s condition over the last 24 to 36 hours — less noticeable to me because I’m with her all the time. She has therefore arranged to get Leane started in what they’re calling support care. There will be somebody here from hospice staff round the clock every day. If and when Leane pulls out of this decline, she can go back to regular hospice care again.

Things are likely to get fairly hectic around here from time to time, so please don’t be concerned if there’s a break in my regular posts here for a day or two. I will definitely be in touch, one way or another.


3 Responses to “Oh My”

  1. We just talked to John and all our thoughts and concern are for her and wish her the best under these somber conditions. Glad she is getting good care and will be comfortable. Sadly,, we can not be there in your times of need. Love
    Aunt Ann, Don

  2. thinking of y’all so hard.

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