Saturday Morning Fever

No changes yesterday or last night.

This morning, though, I noticed that her respiratory rate was quite high, about 30/min. So the weekend on-call nurse came over and found that she had 100.4 fever. She gave her some Tylenol, put a cool washcloth over her forehead and hooked her up to her oxygen for the first time, at 2 liters/minute. They were going to give her some antibiotics if we couldn’t get the fever down.

About an hour ago her temp was back down to 98.8 and her breathing is down to 22 or so.

The nurse had everything under control, so I proceeded with my Saturday morning plans. I had a private caregiver come over for a couple of hours so I could get out of the house for a bit. Our friend Carol came over and we went to the last day of farmer’s market this year, ran a few errands, went to lunch and picked up a few groceries. That may sound like I was out doing chores, except for lunch, but it was great to get out — I hadn’t been out of the house for quite a while.


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