Grand Central Station

This is literally the first oppurtunity I’ve had all day to just sit and post something here.

Our friend Carol, who does housekeeping, shopping and errands for us, was here all morning and we were reorganizing a bit in the bedroom to make more space for medical supplies and equipment. The hospice social worker came over to talk about some things, I had several important calls to make, and Carol went and picked Emily up at the vet and brought us some lunch. She’s been demanding attention — loudly — ever since she got home. Emily, not Carol…

Leane has been sleeping calmly all day except for one period of agitation this morning. I got an extra dose of meds into her and she’s been back to restful sleep since then.

Aides will be here this afternoon for her bath and general cleanup and redoing the bed.

Going to get on my laptop now and take care of my day job for a bit. 🙂

3 Responses to “Grand Central Station”

  1. Thinking of you guys and praying for you. Sorry I havent gotten to see you in such a long time. I have missed so many of my Bartlesville friends. God bless and keep you. deb

  2. Emily — your cat? 🙂

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