Things and Stuff

In this post, I’m going to ask for stuff.

I know, I know, mark your calendar. It’s something I practically never do, so this is going to be difficult for me, and for more than that reason. Please bear with me.

I’ve been putting some music CD’s on for Leane to listen to since she’s been having so much trouble with anxiety since Tuesday — this was an idea of her cousin Andrea. Thanks, Andrea!

Some of it works really well (in addition to her Ativan and hydrocodone, obviously), and quickly — Enya and the Monteverdi Vespers seem to be working particularly well. It turns out that much of our CD music is a tad boisterous for this purpose, so I’m finding myself putting on the same three CD’s fairly often. I’m trying some zither music now that seems to have her calmed down quite a bit. So maybe four.

Okay, so there’s no delicate way to say what I want to say next, so I’m just going to say it. I’m crying as I write it. I never, ever cry.

Eventually, when Leane finally loses her battle with cancer, many of you, perhaps most of you, are going to want to send flowers. Please don’t. Leane has always hated flowers — they make her sneeze, they plug up her sinuses and the cat eats them and gets sick.

If you really want to do something meaningful, please consider sending us a music CD that’s quiet, pleasant and soothing. This is something Leane would obviously benefit from RIGHT NOW.

I don’t want to post our mailing address here, so if you don’t already have it, just drop me an email to <mark at blazetrail dot com> and I’ll send it to you.

We both appreciate all the calls and emails that have been coming in. We don’t want that to stop. This is just a little something extra for those who feel so inclined. It’s not a huge desperate plea for assistance, but it would definitely help. A lot.




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