Much The Same

Leane was much the same yesterday as the day before, a pretty rough time of it with anxiety. The night nurse had me go ahead and give her some hydrocodone and an early dose of Ativan yesterday evening. That was at 11pm. When I checked on her at 3pm for the regular 4-hour Ativan dose, she was sound asleep with no signs of anxiety. So I went back to sleep myself for a bit. At 7 this morning she was still sound asleep but weaving and fidgeting a bit. She woke enough at 8 to get her meds, and she’s been sleeping since then with some signs of anxiety. Putting on some Enya CD’s has seemed to help calm her down, but it also seems like some tracks are better than others.

I was able to sleep between alarms most of the night, and have my laptop set up in the bedroom so I can both keep an eye on anxious girl 🙂 and get some work done on a project that I can do on that machine. (Most of my projects are on the Macintosh desktop.)


One Response to “Much The Same”

  1. as stressful as this time is, it’s also a very beautiful time.


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