Rough Day

Yesterday was Leane’s roughest day yet. She had a couple of episodes of shaking with her hands and arms that wasn’t attributable to her being too cold — there’s a space-heater next to her bed year-round — and was unresponsive most of the day.

The nurse who came by the second time it happened said it was nerves, and told me to start giving her the sublingual Ativan every 4 hours or as soon as she wakes up, as opposed to “as needed” as originally prescribed.

To that end, I bought and downloaded an alarm clock app for my iPad so I can use an ear bud. That way I won’t be waking her up every four hours and can just wait till she wakes up to give her her medicine.

The obvious worst case downside to this scenario is that I might not get much in the way of sleep. Last night I gave her a dose at 1:45 and set the alarm for 5:45. When the rooster crowed — literally, as it’s a very high-tech alarm clock — she happened to be awake, smiling and responsive to sweet nothings. So she got that dose on time and I got not much less than 4 hours of sleep. I managed with 4 hours of sleep for years, all through my graduate college days, so I guess I’ll continue to pretend I’m in my early twenties. πŸ™‚

She did manage to listen and respond to a phone call from her cousin Donna yesterday morning. We’ll do more of that with other friends and family calling and me holding the phone to Leane’s ear.

Leane needs to be turned to a different position every few hours to avoid bedsores. You roll her over partway on her side and stick a pillow in the gap. Every time I’ve tried to do that, she’s wiggled away from the pillow to lie flat again after maybe half an hour. She also raises her knees or otherwise shifts position on her own fairly frequently — she was immensely muscular before the cancer, a former powerlifter, so there must still be something left — and the nurses haven’t found any early signs of bedsores at all, so I’m hoping it will be enough.

Today the aide will be here today to clean her up and adjust the bedding and what not.


7 Responses to “Rough Day”

  1. thanks so much for the update. as far as you can surmise, how are Leane’s spirits?

    re: pretending you’re in your 20s. don’t you know that INTJs never *really* get out of their 30s or so? btw, what alarm are you using?

    lots of positive energy still headed out. i miss Leane online.


    • Her spirits yesterday seemed pretty low till we got her on more Ativan.

      Today so far she’s actually been much more chipper, smiling and responding to inane hubby-talk. I’ve been playing music for her for the last couple hours, first Praetorius’s Terpsichore and now Enya. The early music elicited some air-conducting from her, and Enya has put her in a peaceful mood and she’s dozing off after her 9:45 Ativan.

      I downloaded Clock Pro HD.

  2. how very lucky she is to have you, Mark. πŸ™‚

  3. Happy to get the information on Leane—-comforting to know she has the best of care—Thanx Mark Aunt Ann & Don

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