No Chatterbox, But Aware

This morning Leane seems more aphasic than confused. In fact, when I asked her if she was in any pain, she said yes. When I brought the syringe with liquid hydrocodone, she opened her mouth without me asking her to, though she didn’t move her tongue out of the way. The stuff must taste truly horrible judging from the look on her face. I didn’t know that human facial muscles could DO that.

A few minutes later she seemed agitated about something, so I asked her if I could give her some Ativan, and she said yes. This time when I came with the syringe, she opened up AND lifted her tongue so I could squirt the medicine right under her tongue where it belonged. So obviously if she wasn’t quite sure what the plan was on the first one, by the second one she had it all figured out and was cooperating to the best of her ability.

The nurse put in a urinary catheter yesterday, which I forgot to mention in my post yesterday. Leane’s output had been only about 150cc/day, and the transfers to the bedside commode were getting more and more difficult for her wimpy husband because she was no longer able to support any of her own weight. (I was treated — successfully, by all accounts — for cancer myself in 2009 and I was never able to rebuild any upper body strength after that. I still have an intravenous port in my chest which prevents me from putting more than 25 lbs on my left shoulder.) So far she’s seemed fine with the catheter.

Now Leane is comfortable, sound asleep and snoring.


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