Update on Leane

Leane has been almost entirely unresponsive since yesterday evening. It was very difficult to get her meds taken last night, and it was impossible this morning because she simply wasn’t aware enough of her surroundings. The risk of choking is too great to try to cajole her into trying to swallow.

So the hospice nurse came over and instructed me to discontinue Leane’s oral meds except when she really does seem able to swallow. The nurse showed me how to use some emergency meds I keep in the fridge and ordered more meds to administer more regularly. They can all just be squeezed into her mouth in liquid form.

The nurse also had an oxygen pump and a portable bottle delivered in case Leane shows signs of hypoxia, as well as a gel pad to lie on and a trapeze for the hospital bed.

It’s now more important than ever to keep the cat from crawling around the bed all over Leane, so I’ve got Emily in a carrier and am having her taken to the vet for boarding this afternoon.

More later.


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