Hanging In There With Friends

After starting Leane on home hospice care on Tuesday, Leane has actually started showing some small signs of improvement. She’s waking up fairly frequently on her own and seems to be understanding everything going on around her, though her speech is still mostly limited to single high-frequency words and phrases. I’m usually only able to get most of a bottle of Ensure into her a day, though. Her biggest problem at the moment is her wimpy husband trying to manhandle her in and out of bed, I think…

Our friends Brad and Veronica and their 7-year-old daughter Angeline from San Antonio drove up here this weekend to see Leane and we had a wonderful visit. It had been a long time since I’d seen such a broad grin on Leane’s face as when she looked over at Angeline — we hadn’t seen them in three years or so. We all sort of hung out in the bedroom, and when Leane could be a part of it, she was. Our friends went and picked up some food at a regionally famous bbq pit and we had a little picnic right here.

They’d heard me say that Leane was asking for a piece of cake the other day and I didn’t have any, so they stopped somewhere and picked up some chocolate éclairs with Bavarian creme filling and some apple turnovers. I was able to feed Leane half an éclair! The most solid food she’d had since those skillet-basted eggs I made her when we got home from her PET scan on Monday!

They had to head back to San Antonio this morning, but then at 12:30 our friend Jo came over with a nice fresh cheeseburger for me — Jo’s right, I haven’t been paying very much attention to my own nourishment lately. Although we do have a house full of food, much of it requires cooking. Cooking is my hobby, but there aren’t enough hours in the day. So this afternoon I took Jo’s admonishment to heart and went through the freezer, throwing out everything that nobody here is going to eat now that I’ve quit eating potatoes (glycemic index too high). I’m putting some microwaveable dinners, sides and snacks on the shopping list to fill the freezer back up.

It turns out that we have quite a number of great friends like Brad, Veronica and Jo, both local to Bartlesville and farther afield. Those of you reading this who know me know that I don’t say that lightly — to me, a friend is somebody who can sing my tune when I forget the words. I’ve been treated to quite a choir performance lately.

It’s time for a long-overdue “Thank You” to all of our great friends! Thank you!


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