Chemo 14 Day 1

Okay chemo. Had a full day today, Taxol, Zometa, Avastin. Did not need Aranasep shot, red blood cell up to 12.3 due to shot two weeks ago, fatigue, though better, Tho not quite perfect. Chemodate on 14th. One 15th we took some xrays as the tumor markers from two weeks ago were mixed. CA 15.3 (I think) down to 409 and CA29.27 up to 536, no trend exactly. I’m listing to port and wobble on my legs a lot so I’m in the wheelchair a lot. Tking more than my share of vitamins which I think is doing me some good. Talked to doc and since we’re out about a year from the last thoracentisis have decided to move toward getting one. He says he can hear air ceasing to move about one third up the left lung. We’ve never done the left side, so I’m all for running in that direction. When we get the x-rays back we’ll figure out the game plan. Meanwhile, we note that the pain levels (which move all over my back) are pretty much under control. I keep an exact record of what pills I take when. Basically I’m feeling okay, and am using oxyconton 10 and oxycodone 5 every 4 hours for pain and trying to eat healthy. Ocassion tylenol when needed. Taking it easy  execept for doc visits and chemo sessions.

Next visit willbe Thurs, 7/21.

Light stomach upset today so I took some zofran. Am trying to get some light exercise.


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