Chemo 13 Day 8

Sessions all back to normal. HCB down from 12 to 11.8. Next week I’ll take an ARANASEP shot, doc and I both agreed –want to keep it above 11.

Every thing else fell in doc’s acceptable range so we went ahead with the Taxol. Short session today.  we just did the CBC and no official doctor visit. I think it helps when I can skip a week. Mild improvement in the back pain. The weather has gotten really warm and it feels good to me.

I have not yet rescheduled for the phyisical therepy meeting and consult. I think I am afraid my body isn’t strong enough to handle it. Anyway, I’m uncomfortable with the idea of a non-cancer person, believe it or not, working on me as if they were an expert. Makes me nervous. I’ll think on it some more. Meanwhile the new pain pill protocol and the new bp dosage of 40 mg lisinopril seems to have brought the bp down to 130/95

which for me is good.

Docs plan is to keep upping the bp dose until we get control. And I will watch the pain meds and tylenol very carefully. Am back on the gummie vitamins, and the cranberry pills (which have brought the protein trace in the urine to a trace.

Meanwhile its plenty of rest, and lots of streaming Netflix to keep my mind occupied.


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