June 16 Chemo 13 Day 1

Am a bit lighter in weight due to the vomiting episode of last week, but am working on bringing that up this week. Nurse Ashely took what I consider a false weight reading, she did it too fast and didn’t measure it correctly. We measured it at home and got 121 to her 112. From 133 even with the vomiting, that old scale at the clinic needs to be replaced. Just about everything they have overthere, from scales to bp machines doesn’t work correctly, Depends on the nurse, more or less. I have continual issues with the bp machines too, so am careful to keep home records of what my “vitals” are.I’d love to know who to speak to about this, I just leave messages on Nurse Brennan’s answering machine, she seems to transmit my messages to the right places. I think it is very important that all that information is as correct as it can be. Over time you forget things, so it makes record keeping, like on this blog for instance, important.

Bloodwork, according to doc, and in spite of  the food poisioning was good. All the values, including the HGB were up. the HGB was up to 12, so we put off the Aranesp this week. He keeps everything in a certain ratio with this chemo treatment and I have to admit I always feel better after its over. Next week its chemo but no docs appt. I feel good that he can keep me on this schedule and I only have to see him twice a month.

for prescriptions: We went up to 40mg of the Lisinopril from 20 mg. The blood pressure is still not where we want it. Also, all the drugs that use acitomenaphin we went over, and instead he put me on oxycodon fast acting 5 mg along with the 2 times per day oycodon slow action drug. That I take 2 times per day only. And the other pill just as needed for pain. The actiomenaphin (Tylenol) you can only have 4 gms per day, and I sure don’t want to overdose on that! So, the only meds I have to take now are the opiods and bp meds. All the rest of it I’m forgoing (save for the constipation drugs). My stomach still hurts a tad, I don’t feel that well, and the compazine for vomiting turns out to be some sort of anti-anxiety med and has all sorts of side effects.  Just concentration on restoring diet and getting back to “normal” for me.

We had a horrible tornado scare Thurs pm, right in the middle of chemo. We had to put me in a wheelchair, and take me and my chemo post full of drugs down to the basement. Sirens were going off and the hospital was “code black” until the weather guys said it was clear. Honestly, Wed and Thurs I felt so awful, I know it was from the weather. Mark didn’t feel all that well either. I am real weather sensitive, so I had this negative feeling all day Wed, and going into Thurs, I was really glad for the early trip into the clinic. Blood work was done early, and saw the doc early, got hooked up to the chemo at 10:15…I think the warning sirens started sounding after noon. I was half-asleep. Mark had finished the runs to the pharmacy and had just gotten back.

These tornados really can’t be underestimated. Good thing the fast thinking nurses had a plan for shuttling all of us down to the basement.

Joule Watt


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