Adventure of June 10, 11

On these dates we had a fine Bday adventure. It was Mark and Carol’s bday on the 10th so we all took off for the Toby Keith Hard Rock Cafe in Catoosa. We ate at the restaurant, which has some of the finest steak going. I got to play some penny slots, which was a lot of fun. Then we went to the nearby Hampton Inn to stay, because they have handicapped rooms with walk in showers (with our AARP cards we got a special on a king suite), and awesome beds. We came home Saturday am. I felt like I had been gone for a month.

It was a fine adventure. I took my cane and also the transport chair, and the guys wheeled me around as needed. It was massively comfortable on my back, and I was in good company. A lot of people on both cane and wheelchair were at the venues, if your having trouble getting around these are good places to go.

My luck at the penny slots was awesome this time, so I quit when I was ahead! Carol also had good luck, and Mark got to really explore both hotels.

Just because a person has cancer doesn’t mean they can’t take a day off and have some fun. Thanks to my pain pills and stuff, the trip was comfortable.

Joule Watt

June 12 — Got food poisioning. We think it was from the pizza we ordered. Emptied stomach with vomiting, and Mark had moderate diahrea. We had to call the clinic today (13th) and Nurse called us in some compazine, will pick it up in the morning. 




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