Tuesday, June 7th

Its the middle of my week off here, and I’m here to tell you this has been one of the achiest weeks on record, in particular in the morning. Not sure what has caused the aches and pains, but I have had to increase the tylenol for sure, and watch the opiods carefully. I’ll be doing some research — we did upp the ace inhibitor to 20 mg for the blood pressure issue. I”m also getting a wheelchair this week, a lightweight one. Supposed to get a call from a physical therapy group but nothing yet, I’ll have to call Nurse Wendy who was going to set up the consult.

The reason I’m blogging this week o’ pains is to let the readership know that cancer has its ups and downs, and that no one should ever think it’s any kind of easy process. The meds I take have their own kind of side effects and you have to stay up on them, just to make sure its all okay. This disease is definetly evidence based and its really difficult to get exact evidence some of the time as to the causes of things like pain. I’m grateful, for example, that the oyxcodone I just took is kicking in (15 mins), sometimes you just need to feel better and the day is doable. I would imagine that people who have other kind of clinical conditions (heart, lung, stomach, etc) also go through the process of pain management.

Anyway, that’s my two cents for this week. I’ll be back to chemo on the 16th.



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