Chemo 11, Day 15

Hail readers:

Apparently there is a national shortage of decadron, which is initially mixed with the aloxi I take as a predrug. Today we fed in the aloxi and then pulled through the iv a subsitute for the decadron (forgot the name). By the middle of the next bag, the benedryl, I was sailing. That was followed by some pepcid. the morphine I request, then the Taxol. The Taxol is an hour drip and when I get my few mgs of morphine, the drip through the port is a totally painless procedure. After that, its Avastin (if it is an avastin day), Zometa (every month), whatever shot like the Aranesep. By the end of the treatment I am floating. Of course, I have to have donuts etc. during the chemo. Life would not be the same without the wonderful stuff made by our local Grayson’s Donut Hole, a nearby mom and pop shop close to where we live. We pick up enough for the staff and the patients and a couple for me. It turns chemo day into pretty much of a party. I bought this great new waterbottle, I call it my plutonium bottle as its metal, long, and looks like something from Dr. Strangelove. The staff got a big kick out of it.

We also try every week while were there to work with the other patients, many of us get to know each other through the chemo treatments. Its a very hard business. So many come in for so many weeks, and perhaps are cured then leave, but there are others for whom the improvement is not so solid. I just try to tell a coherent story, then find out what I can about the others, and where listening will help, I listen. Today was one of those days, and I don’t even know the gals name. Some students from the local tec college were there also, and it was fun watching the light bulbs go on and off. They come in with the confidence of the 12 apostles, and by mid-session the day nurses have them beat down to the level of a 2nd year nurse. Its a complicated business, full of complicated procedures. Nurses and patients alike, once the routine is learned have to keep an eye on the chemo machines, the plastic tubing, breathing, etc, etc, etc.

Some have ports (I finally got one myself) and others don’t, all different ways to hook you up etc. Myself, I can taste every chemical, every flush, and its a total taste trip (hence the need for me to eat donuts). I’m amazed at what I see, and if I were well, I’d consider going into this work, its that different!

Ah well, live and learn.

Joule Watt

Avasin w. the Taxol today, and another Aranasep shot (GBC was at 10,3 and I don’t want it any lower, I just worked the payment out with Accounting — another weird amount calculation, she figures out the total amount based on the oncs order.). Numbers are holding well across the board. We added an ace inhibitor to my beta blocker for blood pressure. I start those Friday (tomorrow). Chemo overall went well. I did have a minor back spasm this morning right there at the clinic, the onc got to see it first glance — he’s thinking now maybe it is a chemo side effect of something, but I’m reluctant to nail the coffin closed on that line of reasoning because the spasms just come and go —and they are on the upper back one day and in the lower or middle back another. Exercise seems to help. And the percoset and oxycontin work really well to even out and even remove the pain most of the time.


2 Responses to “Chemo 11, Day 15”

  1. It’s now Friday and I’m pleased to say I feel a whole lot better. Not sure what caused the turnaround, its way warmer today, could be the weather, it did get to 39 last night so we had the heat on. No stiffness anywhere and the back is solidly feeling very well. Here’s hoping it all stays this way for a few days. Started the additional BP med this a.m. and its already dropped the BP by six points from 160/88 to 154/81. I’ll be tracking this today and hope for good results overall.

  2. BP this morning (Sunday) at 130/72. Yeah! Feeling much less achy. I hope this keeps up. Happy Mother’s Day, all!

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