Chemo 11, day 8, April 28, 2011

Chemo short and smooth today. Just had premeds and Taxol. The usual flush afterwards, and we were outta there.  Blood work normal for this stage, what the onc expected. WBC actually improved a tiny bit, while the HGB count went down to 10.4 from 11.00. Depending on what happens next week I may ask for another Aranasep shot. Energy levels are moderate to good, but I feel like my mind is in heavy chemofog most of the time. CURE magazine had two great articles this month, one on the history of Avastin, and one on chemofog. Worth a read if you need information.

Nurse Mary asked me if I felt better last week after the Zometa, and I had to tell her I did. Of all the drugs in my regimen, I like that one and the Avastin the best. Both really cut the pain levels (which I attribute mostly to arthritis) down to a dull roar. And with the Oxycontin 10 mg evening out the spiking from the 4 to 6 hour pain meds I’m pretty comfortable most of the time. I do wear a heavy duty back belt to help even out the back pain when it flares, and an athletic support bra when I go out.

Nothing really new to report here, the weather has evened out and its getting more comfortable (up into the 70s) during the day.

Joule Watt

Update: This week has been wracked with sniffles and allergies. I’ll have one good day then one bad one. It’s Tuesday the 3rd May at the moment. Yesterday was really nice, we went to Copan Truck Stop for brunch, it was execellent. Today, tho warmer and sunnier, I’m stuffy and tired, so am bound for rest. Chemo runs again Thursday so I want to be in shape for that. I consider myself fortunate that I don’t seem to be exhibiting a great deal of side effects from my drugs, the addition of the Oxycontin 10 MG 2X day seems to keep the pains in my back (they travel all over) down to where I can at least walk without assistance, though I have taken as of late to let Carol wheel me around in the store’s wheelchairs when we go shopping. Much less fatiguing. Again I beleive these pains are due to arthritis and to degenerating discs, not to the cancer. Many of my sisters who have stage IV breast cancers are experiencing similar symptomology, and many blame it on allergies. Anyway, doc is advised, and advises me that heavy duty bras and belts are a good thing. I agree.


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