Chemo 11 Day 1, April 21,2011

Long chemo today, but I feel a successful one. Bloodwork shows the red blood count improved to 11.00 thanks to the Aranesep shot of a few weeks back, so we decided we didn’t need another one of those just yet. All the rest of the numbers were where the onc wanted to see them. Tumor marker CA15.3 was at 431.1, up just a tiny bit from last time we ran it, so he was okay with that. I got my premeds, Taxol, Avastin, and the Zometa, so it was a long session. It ran from roughly 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. However I feel better overall, so I consider it a success. The antibiotics seem to have cleared up the urinary tract infection, so all that worked. Probably the shortest doctor’s appt. on record, but everything checked out for him, including the lungs. Breathing sounded good he said.

In so far as aches and pains, like most people who have degenerative disc problems, allergies, and aches and pains associated with weather, my joints, muscles, and the rest of me has been right on key with the goofy weather we’ve been having here.

Strange as it seems, the chemo seems to have helped those conditions as well, and I feel like I am moving better than I did .

That’s about all that’s new for this week. Frankly, I”m amazed I’ve made it this far and certainly thank everyone for their prayers and good wishes.

Happy Easter to everyone.

Joule Watt


One Response to “Chemo 11 Day 1, April 21,2011”

  1. jeanni17 Says:

    Happy Easter Leane and Mark! Keep up the good work!

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