What a bad day is like.

It’s the 14th, my “off day”. Since it’s a bad one I thought I’d drop a line describing what my bad days are like. Mind you, these days are different for each patient. Sleep last night was fraught with nightmares, sci-fi type dreams, the kind where you are grateful to wake up in your own bed. Thanks to Emmy, my one remaining cat, I was awakened. She really is a good watch cat, and really good about purring and meowing right in your ear if she thinks something is wrong. So I got awakened around 4 am, could take another lortab, and get a few hours more sleep. Allergens were rampant, so a benedryl was also in order, after the nosebleed subsided. In general I just felt achy. Mark did as well so we both were glad when 7:30 arrived and we could get some orange juice down. A glass in the morning is very good for us and helps us get awake. We had to cancel Carol for the day as I was too stuffed up in the head to deal with it.

It’s 11:13 now, and I managed to get some oat meal down and a little coffee, plus the rest of my morning meds. Generally I think this can be characterized by aches and pains, and chemo fog. Luckily this was my Thursday off, I am not scheduled to go back in until the 20th and 21st. I’ll spend the day playing computer games, resting, and otherwise taking it easy. I’m fortunate, compared to some of my sisters at http://www.inspire.com, I’ve got it pretty easy.

I hope by later this afternoon to feel better in general. Usually when this happens, I do feel better.

So, for everyone who feels sick today, or who has allergy problems, take your meds and rest.



One Response to “What a bad day is like.”

  1. It’s “the next day”, and it rained and hailed on us yesterday. Today the weather is a little clearer, and I feel a bit better.60% chance of more rain and it looks like it. This place is so funny, I can’t help be amused by the sounds of geese. They land in a nearby field most mornings and just put up a racket. The birds are back in general, as well, and make some fantastic bird calls besides. So I always feel good at that. After all is said and done, this really is a small town (35,000)!

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