Chemo 10 Day 15

Pleased to report that the Aranasep shot had a good success for it’s first week, pulling up the RBC from 10.0 to 10.3. I’m due back for more chemo etc. the 21st, and will probably get another shot then.

All the rest of the numbers looked exactly like doc wanted them to, so he was pleased. Urine sample litmus strips indicated a possible bacterial infection so we started on some antibiotics (generic Macrobid), which work fast, and I feel better all over today. They sent a second urine sample I left up to the hospital lab, if doc finds anything out of the ordinary the office will call here. I suspect its just going to be a bacterial infection of some common genesis if it is one. I haven’t had one in years, and something is going around my town, I’ve heard some reports from friends who have friends who have gotten such a thing recently.

Anyway I’m off from chemo until the 21st. We have a full day scheduled then. Today was the round of predrugs, Taxol and Avastin.

Back pain is practically gone, yippee, of course the weather has heated up a bit, the night are just a bit cool. Days are getting perfect, time to think about more trips, the Azalea festival is this month in Muskogee, maybe a day trip would be nice.

I’m planning on resting today, probably go grocery shopping tomorrow, and rest Sunday. It’s hard to believe another week has flown by.

More news if I think of it, but I’d have to say it’s all been fairly routine.

Special thanks to my friends Jeanni Blume and her husband Paul from us. They know why. May they be blessed and helped in their own businesses and lives. We appreciate them so much.



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