Chemo 10 Day 8

Ordinarily this would have been an ordinary day, but my red blood count is hovering about 10.0 — time for an Aranasep shot in my humble opinion. So I took the nursing staff on. How this works at this clinic is simple… you get accounting (payment) and the onc (potential medical problems – its a huge CYA deal) to agree with one another, and then you tell the nurses, or they tell the nurses what to do. First off you send your favorite nurse from the treatment area to hit the docs assistant nurse up for information. If no one thinks your serious, they come up with a whole chain of interventions, hoops you have to go through. All disguised as “the shots cost thousands — actually I did find out what it did cost, peppered my coversation with that data, and then waited to see how long it took to get back through the nurse antagonists who figured out I couldn’t afford it as I’m only on medicare”. This clinic is bonzo about medicare patiens w.o med supplemental. I haven’t bought med supp as it’s more expensive than the medicare they deduct per month from th SSDI I get monthly, being a terminal case. I must be taking too long to die or something. As it was it took intervention from the onc on getting a deal signed where he wouldn’t be responsible or they wouldn’t be responsible or some other for bad reaction to that shot. As it turned out, I gave acct. a deposit, and never did see that other paper.

Here’s how this worked. Red blood count was 10.0.  The shot takes three weeks to kick in. It works by causing your blood to build up, saving you a hospital trip and transfusion. That was a lot of money last time. Everyone was so concerned Medicare won’t pay if its 10 or above. I said I don’t care this time, I’ll pay for it myself — resulting in a lot of flurry — I said okay, what’s the next excuse?? someone even said the onc said he would not have given it to me anyway because of possible side effects. At that I started screaming because that is just not his style. He recommended that shot on the very first exam I had with him, and the onc before him actually gave me one with great results and that was about three months ago,. Imagine my chagrin when I read my report of that session and read “she did not want the shot”. I did want the shot, they told me I coulndt have it! tHIS HAD TO BE ABOUT MONEY. Figuring out the money situation was easy, I got some help from a local guy I met here who knows how it all works. I come up with the 2400 the clinic says the shot cost them, I get the shot. Turns out the clinic has a pretty neat policy, that if you have no other insurance and Medicare won’t pay, they have a payment for the shot of 680/or so on a self pay policy. I just handed Accounting a deposit of 500, she filled out a “deposit” form, no other forms were required to be signed, and she asked the onc if he had any medical problems with my getting the shot, he said no, and he asked her if there were acct. problems and she said no, and then they had to round up a nurse to give it to me. End of objections to Leane getting the shot.  Then, the poor  onc kept asking me if I still wanted it, because he’d walk by and see both the form and the shot on my table there with no action taking place, so I kept screaming at him and the rest of the staff until the Head Nurse coulnd’t take it anymore and came over and administered the shot. I feel a whole lot better today, needless to say. So where did the 500 deposit come from? I sold my car last month and that money had been set aside to cover part of the insurance, which of course will not be needed now, as I don’t plan on getting another car just yet.

Most of the problems I’ve had with this cancer so far have been all money related, and its no small wonder people don’t just lose it over the stupidity involved. I’m pretty calmed down today, I took a ton of vitamines and minerals, and am going for broke here on getting better. We are budgeting our money very very carefully, on payment plan for when Medicare didn’t cover me (I had to wait a YEAR). And am trying to keep up with the med lab bills as we go.  I’ve just about gotten rid of everything we own that we don’t need. Last month it was the car, its was a 1983 Mercedes, Turbo D, I sold it for $350. One of my precious cats died last month too, so that was another expense cut from the budget. I have one cat, age 13, left, I don’t expect her to last a year or two longer.

Wish me luck. The Chemo is still working and if I can get rid of this fatigue with stuff like ARANESEP and vitamins I’m determined to do it.




2 Responses to “Chemo 10 Day 8”

  1. jeanni17 Says:

    There must be so many people who are just too tired to fight. Too tired to try and of course those who just plain dont have the money to get any help at all and have to wait and feel awful. Good for you and hopefully there is no further damage. Yelling and screaming and being upset gives those little cancer-cell bastards a chance to grow. Love you and am sending you strength – to help fortify your courage, and prayers to help your blood build along with this important injection. I will be emailing you to get your address. I want to cover this amount for you.

  2. Jeanni, I’ve known you since high school (that’s since the earth was cooling friends), and you’ve always inspired me with your care and generosity, even if I knew I lacked those qualities in myself. I will find a way to pay you back, even if I can pass on something to someone else.
    Love ya,

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