Chemo 10 Day 1

3/24/2011 —  Today was the fully enchilada — Taxol/Avastin/and Zometa.  All ran smoothly. Bloodwork, very similar to Chemo 9, Day 15 — all acceptable considering the chemo. Prince Baron, my onc, is always very careful to check all the numbers etc, it all goes on the worksheet, if he likes what he sees the order gets written. Not too many in the clinic this am, everything was nice and quiet, I brought the Kindle and read a bunch of stuff. I also talked to him about the arthritis and we added Oxycontin 10 mg slow release to the rest of the pain med regimen. I take it every 12 hours along with the normal regimen. I never have addressed the pills I take, its pretty simple –a beta blocker for blood pressure, Omeprozole for any stomach trouble from GERD. Also, for constipation, Senekot-S and Miralax when I need it. Most of us in the clinic follow the constipation regimen, cancer drugs can cause constipation and diarrhea. Nausea, I use prescription Zofran, again on an as needed basis. For anxiety and panic disorder (rare but I do get that once in a while, esp. if I get overtired – lorazepam 0.5 mg). Allergy season is coming up, so benedryl, and if that doesn’t cut it, Chloretrimeton (sp). Asthma — Advair. I try to keep the drugs down to a dull roar, but they sometimes become very necessary. Not everything you get is due to your cancer — we keep track of the cancer through the bloodwork, general chemistry, tumor marker tests, MRIs, CATs, and PETs. Eating is very important as is getting proper rest and realizing where your body is at.

I dont’ know if this information is of any help to the readership, but that is how we play it.

I think the most important thing you can really do is try to stay relaxed, I always advocate some form of relaxation therapy and some form of very mild physical exercise. This is important especially on days when the temperature skyrockets around — here in OK we have days with forty and fifty degree temperature shifts. Even the onc, who is some fifteen years younger than me, was remarking about how achy he got today, and how you never know how you are going to feel. All we could say was “tell us about it”. Pain does a lot of things to you as well, like spike your blood pressure, interfere with movement, make you crabby, etc. Keeping it under control is important for everyone. I read some information about Qi Gong exercise, Tai Ji, and other methods of Chinese alt-therapy today on the web (just search Google with these keywords for a zillion links). Accupressure is also very good — you can massage your feet for example, on certain points and they really do relax. Also When I’m on the drip, I often practice my meditation exercises — I learned those back in the 1970s, and over the years, just try to keep up with them. My husband uses something called Autogenic Training, which he likes a lot. So we take time for ourselves body, mind, and spirit.

I also play a lot of computer games on my Acer Win 7 machine, that helps keep me sharp. Many of the drugs I take will dull you out so a bit of mental exercise helps a lot.

Long treatment today so it’s time for me to hit the hay. Oh yeah, don’t forget — afternoon naps are cool!

Cool beans



2 Responses to “Chemo 10 Day 1”

  1. jeanni17 Says:

    Hi Leane, I read all your blogs and am very encouraged. I see you are back at treatments. Maybe one day they will stop. I am still available to teach you bridge! We can do it online, maybe on your acer. My prayers are still with you, kisses and hugs. j

  2. Hi Jeanie! I hope some of these notes I make through this treatment help some people. I’m also up at, for Stage 4 suffers like me, where I do a lot of reading but I save my posts for here.!

    Kisses and hugs back. It’ll be a while before I can concentrate on the bridge.

    loveya, Leane

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