Cycle 9, Day 1

Bloodwork good, Chemistry good. Had the whole regimen, Taxol, Avastin, and Zometa, plus my premeds. I feel really good today. Even my back aches are better. Nurse Deb put it on the table, she and everyone else with any kind of arthritis or degenerative disc problems felt like hell during this last cold snap. That has little to do with cancer and everything to do with aching backs! I found a Capsaisin patch at Walgreens that really works well. I use the Salon Pas (menthol) small patches as well. I had to switch to Flexeril in the afternoons, and am down to one, maybe two Lortabs in the am and pm. I’m also trying more exercise and I think that’s working. I see so many women in my age group and lower who are just bending over, I don’t want to wind up like that! I’ve got my belt on today, it’s a good sturdy back support belt and I’ll wear it under my hoodie, have to go shopping. All the snow is almost melted, at least you can walk on the ground now. It’s a bit cooler today, but yesterday it hit almost 70 and is due to get there again in a few days.

That’s all for news for now. I’m hanging in there, so readers, if you are cancer ridden don’t give up the ship. You’re going to have good and bad days, so keep the faith and don’t let it get ya down.

Joule Watt



One Response to “Cycle 9, Day 1”

  1. 3/2/2011 A short remark, we had an opportunity to sell off our 1983 MB, which I have owned since 1990, so we did. Ironically, the fellow that bought the car (who is an old classmate of my husband oddly enough), had lost his wife a while ago due to esophageal cancer that spread to the liver. We shared our story with him, and I felt good selling him the car — it still runs and needs some pretty-ing up basically. He’d been so sorrowful he couldn’t get on with his life, but now he has a car all bought and paid for that he can throw some energy at. It had just gotten to the point where I wasn’t driving much anymore, some days due to fatigue and back pain you cannot walk a straight line with this condition — so the sale of the old buggy was a vast relief. The 83 Turbo Diesel MB’s last forever, this car had 155,000 miles on it, so there is plenty of driving left in the machine. The guy that bought it was the younger brother of a friend of ours, so it made all the difference in the world to me that the car got a great home! I take care of my stuff so you can believe he got a great deal. It was the perfect win-win situation.

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