Farewell to Patches, beloved kat

Yesterday saw the passing of our beloved cat of some 13 years. Patches passed quietly yesterday afternoon in her favorite spot in the hallway of our home. We always called it her control spot, because she could see into each of our offices, and could still reach the food bowls with a few short steps. I believe she just died of old age, very quietly, and peacefully. Jim, one of the great maintenance men here at the complex, has 20 acres in nearby Dewey, and slightly ahead of the worst blizzard in local history, he and hubby headed out to bury her in a really great spot near the river on the land. I felt she would have loved the spot, the way the guys talked about it, so I think good was done there — even though its a sad thing when a pet passes. Emily, the other cat, is a bit younger, and I expect her to last a bit longer.

Patches was a very loving cat. I can’t really describe the meaning a pet brings. Having cancer, I won’t be getting any more pets myself. Husband and I, when Emily goes, will be taking some long trips I hope.

On the subject of the blizzard, it’s so bad out there that we may not even make our doctor appts. this week. The town is pretty much closed down at the moment as well as the surrounding states. If by some minor miracle chemo is given this week, I’ll make a note up here on the blog. Meanwhile, I’m heading back under the covers.

Joule Watt


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