Cycle 8, Day 1

Some very good news. Marker Numbers for CA 15.3 have dropped to 367.8 from 568!!!! And, arecontinuing to go down. Also he did another test, a called a CEA on internal organs, like pancreas, lung, liver, and its normal! CA27-29 not back yet but it measures the same thing as CA 15-3, so I’m not worried.  I had Taxol and Avastin today, and though tired, I’m jazzed. Just proceeding as planned. Meeting with the onc short and to the point.

Blood panel and metabolic panel is holding steady. Overall fatigue is better, but the aches and pains everywhere from winter cold and humidity (both lack of and excessive days) have everyone aching.  I am still working on the chemo induced anemia, it’s getting better.

I’m on some new projects, like learning Esperanto just for kicks as part of my Steampunk exercises.

I’ll try to fill this post in a bit as the week goes on, just wanted everyone to know the whopping good news about the CA15-3. This puts the value right back where it was this time last year in January, believe it or not, so it’s wandered up and then down, then up, then down. All the details are in these posts, I’m really glad I chose to blog this story because I don’t think anyone could believe it otherwise. No one could say this cancer is curable, but they can say it’s controllable with today’s modern medicines. Not in all cases, perhaps, but new things are coming out every day. Hope is a wonderful thing.

LRL aka Joule Watt.


3 Responses to “Cycle 8, Day 1”

  1. I am so excited! You go gal!!

  2. Yippee, Jeanni17! Incidentally, I did write Bates, I don’t know if he got the message or not, haven’t heard from him. Still amazed at the freakiness of an old acquaintance showing up like that, it’s cool. Even my back and fatigue are better today, it just lifts your spirit when drugs work like they are supposed to. The FDA pulled the Avastin/Taxol for breast cancer. I’m convinced that is what caused this remarkable result for me, I believe the company is going to fight! I’d love to see some of these FDA experts suffer what we have all suffered then see just how eager they are to determine what is good for the patient or not. That should be up to the patient and the oncologist. I am pretty sure I’m going to be able to keep getting this combo, per my onc, so I’m grandmothered in. Every day, in fact every minute of every day is a challenge to live. I can’t explain it any better than that, you just take it one day at a time. Thanks old friend for your support. It means a great deal to me that you keep up with the blog as busy as you are!

    Hey everybody, if you want to learn bridge, go to Jeanni’s school!

  3. is her website, folks. Florida is richer for it and for her: Welcome to my site! I direct Duplicate games at the Pompano Bridge Club and at the Posnack JCC in Davie awarding the most points allowed by ACBL. Click on Calendar to see my schedule. Click on Locations for directions and times. Click on Album to see pictures of events. Lessons are given during Duplicate games, as well as privately and semi-privately in Broward, Pompano and Boca.

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