Chemo Cycle 7 Day 15 — Short and Sweet

Good session today, front to back. I have next week off, then we will run tumor marker numbers. For today however, Hematology held just about where it was last week, and general chemistry was good. Glucose was a bit high for me, but with all the Christmas goodies I’ve been eating I expected it. Weight was 127, down a tick. Great improvement in the back pain (both the onc and I are wondering if its a bit of arthritis as well as things the back xray shows from last week). This weeks urine test was down to +1 so I opted to get the Avastin when given the choice by doc. No telling how long Medicare will allow me to receive it.

Its really cold here today. Near zero when we woke up. My husband had me in four layers of clothes, hat, scarf & wig of course (toasty warm), thick cordoroy pants and thick socks. Everything zipped down in the front so the nurses had easy access to my Power Port, which behaved wonderfully today.  Plus I wore my new back belt under some of the clothes to protect my midsection — all I need is a draft on those compromised muscles and I’d be in bed. Here is an amazing thing about cancer which Nurse Deb once told us — Just because you now have cancer doesn’t mean that you somehow got rid of other problems you had, like arthritis, degenerative disc disease, heart problems, etc. etc. So you have to be vigilant with yourself.

I was home by 2 pm, ate some chicken and rice, which was yummy, and took a well-deserved nap.

As I think of other things, I’ll update this post over the next two weeks, next appt. on 1/27, with blood draw on 1/26.

Onc likes scans every three months, so its looking to February for more scans of some sort. I truly like this guy’s thoroughness.

Everyone have a safe winter.


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