Dec. 26th, 2010

I found out this week that the FDA withdrew Avastin from breast cancer treatment. I imagine if you pay for it yourself (it’s 8000 per month, yep the most expensive drug on the market), your oncologist can still approve it for the now controversial combination treatment with Taxol. No insurer will likely pay for it for a breast cancer application once this goes into effect (15 days?). I’m very disappointed in the decision since the combination has been effective for me. On SSDI, I can’t afford to pay out of pocket. Oh well, we’ll see what Prince Baron has to say on the topic when I see him Thursday coming. It’s the day after Christmas right now and I am going to try to maintain my good mood. We had a wonderful Christmas yesterday, complete with a good meal and presents under the tree, etc. Even sang a few Christmas Carols, even though due to the cancer (I have several patches per the last PET scan of activity) my voice comes and goes.

I consider myself lucky to have made it to this Christmas, actually, and was happy to celebrate the day.


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