Chemo 18, December 17th,2010

Good bloodwork today. It’s about the same as last week so I’m happy. Chemistry was near perfect. Nothing out of range. Today I got Taxol and Avastin, plus the premeds. And, I’m pleased as punch with the new onc, whom I have now christened “Prince Baron”, keeping with the Flash Gordon Theme. He’s got the keys to the kingdom of Mongo for sure. Bright and knows how he wants to do this medicine. He’s young, but both my husband and I are impressed. I’ll miss Flash, of course, but he’s leaving us in good hands. Today I filled out his forms — which got me wondering about how far along we are in this country with computer based electronic medical records. That’s a project I started earlier in the year but had to give up when I went in for radiation over the summer (it turns the brain into chemofog country — I couldn’t do anything really serious at that point but just tolerate the radiation, and get over a bad case of bronchitis). I’ll have to get back on it now that I can think again and my energy level is increasing.

Facts are facts, I may never be cured of this cancer, but there are ways to beat it down, and I’m pursuing every avenue I can to do so. A wise woman remarked to me in an email today on advanced cancer — you can’t fight it, you have to survive it. That remark came from personal experience and I thank her for sharing it.

Joule Watt




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