Chemo #15 Friday Nov. 19,2010

First, good news to complete last week — CA 27.29 tumor marker fell to the low 600s. So both markers have fallen. We just decided that since something is working, we’d go ahead and keep on the Taxol/Avastin program. Next visit won’t be until Dec. 3, and Flash will be in Tulsa permanently by then, or so they say. The new doc is due in Dec. 1. We’ll see how it works out. Hemoglobin is around 3.1. Red Blood cell count aroud 10.1, a good place, so that’s up. We reviewed all the numbers and it looks good. While not a cure by any means, its gratifying to know that sometimes a measure of control can be achieved with bad cancers like this. Looks like I have plenty of neutrafils too, which are powerful fighters in the body.

This week, I’m “off” for a week, so more stress will be put on vitamins and rebuilding my immune system.

We were fortunate last weekend to make the Steampunk Expo at the Old Cowtown Museum in Wichita, KS.  It was an incredible event. We even put together some quasi late Victorian duds with stuff we had in the closet, a mushroom skirt for me with a jacket that had fake fur trim, and some bracers and a Trench Coat for Zarkov, who looked totally snazzy. It was great just to get away from the illness for a day. C drove her Victory Red new HHR, and we really enjoyed the backway we took to the Emerald CIty. If you haven’t been to Witchita KS lately, please go. With all the art and sculpture, murals and River Museums there is so much to do you will be amazed.

While at Old Cowtown Museum we got a tour of the place via Stagecoach, the real one! It was fascination. You wonder how people survived in those things! All the shops there are manned by volunteers in period costumes, with complete stories to tell on the exhibit. You cannot see this beautiful, authentic place in one day. I figure it to be about 20 acres all told, and that includes a working farm (outside the city), the city proper including hotel and saloon, a working blacksmithy, (and a blacksmith that tells great stories), a sherriff, and all sorts of people.

The nights here in OK are getting cold, so if we want to see the Christmas Lights, which will turn on after Thanksgiving, we’d better plan on bundling up! We have a trip to Woloroc and one to Johnstone Park is planned for December, weather permitting.

Joule Watt


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