Chemo #14 Marker improves

Good news, the CA15-3 marker dropped from 538 to 479 or so. The CA27.29 marker isn’t in yet. The blood work showed that my hemoglobin count dropped slightly to 9.6 from the 11.1 hit last week, so I took a shot of ARANSEP. Most everything else is about where you’d expect it to be for a person on chemo. Potassium up a tiny bit, I’m drinking mango juice on the advice of a medical associate in Egypt. Also taking supplements, Vitamins, Vit. C, Magnesium-Calcium-Vit D combo, and a few other things when I feel like I can tolerate them. I noticed with the colder weather too, I need to drink more water, the change in temperature seems to make me less inclined to drink things and more inclined to snack. It’s been half-sandwich snacks all week (nutritious ones, no junk), soups, teas, fine breakfasts, and my standbys of Tapioca, Rice Pudding and now Cooked Porridge. The Porridge I make with Steel cut Oats, soak them over night and cook till done in the morning, takes about 20 minutes. They are delicious and keep all week.

Didn’t have much to report as I said, to  Flash, we were both pretty pleased at my progress. It was probably the shortest doctor visit on record, but I’m never one to chew the fat when I just want to get hooked up, processed, and outta chemo back to life. The nurses were totally efficient as usual and the port behaved today. I actually brought a book and read! It was a tome on Old Jewelry, from 1840 to 1950. that I’d had at the house for ages, just never studied it. Period jewelry now makes a whole lot more sense to me, especially Victorian, where hair from loved ones was actually a central building block in everything from lockets (where you’d expect it) to building rings, bracelets, broaches, etc. (where you might not). Hair was viewed as part of an etherial connected between the living and the dead and it was important to keep the loved one’s memory always close. If the loved one was alive, hair jewelry served to keep them in mind all day. In 1860 there was no Facebook, and you might not see your loved one for days on end. I don’t think I’ll be making much hair jewelry but it was fascinating reading snippets from something called Godey’s Ladies book on the special skills young woman were required to know. Nice time to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there.

People can be treated for years on Taxol, and I tolerate it well. I tolerate Avastin well also, but my future decisions on that drug, which I like in combination with the Taxol for the treatment of this advanced breast cancer will depend a great deal on what the FDA does at the next meeting Dec. 17, 2010. I have only Medicare right now, and though am shopping for gap insurance, haven’t found any I really like.

I feel good and just didn’t have much to report save for the slight pain in my back from beginning a short exercising program this week. Flash said I should only do up to body weight and do that slowly, not rush stuff, and I thought that was good advise, especially since I’m an ex-lifter and love actually pumping iron. So, its a slow deal, with emphasis on remembering to find my center and pull up my body from the inside core as if I were a puppet on the string, very loose and one with space.

Oh well, I’m rambling here so time to close up shop and hit the hay. Nanny McPhee finally got here! That was the cutest movie. I’m hoping the sequel is just as good.

Joule Watt



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