Chemo 13 — Lucky Numbers

Long chemo session today, all the meds: the three premeds Aloxi/Decadron, Benadryl, and pepcid; and the chemo itself — Taxol, also Avastin, and my Zometa. We finally got all the lab results at 11 and I stayed hooked up on the drip without interruption (except for flushes between compounds) until 3 pm. All in all everything went smoothly, no side-effects (so far) save for the hair loss but that is mostly over, what’s fallen out apparently is what was going to fall out and the rest is cropped neatly to lay perfectly under my favorite wigs I wear to the clinic.

My good news today was the Hematology report. My hemoglobin count improved  from two weeks ago to 11.6, which is in the normal reference range, and, incidentally, is the best it’s ever been. While I hope it gains up to 13 or so I’ll live with this. The last two weeks saw the following additions to my habits: including food in my diet that helps with anemia (dark greens, liver,  and a bunch of other things), wearing my copper bracelets (that alternative cure is so old I can’t even tell you when I remember it started, but having come from an anemia, allergy prone family, it was typical for them to all wear them. Also, the ARANSEP shot works best in the presence of iron, so an article said, so I added a Slow FE tablet every other day or so. Apparently the shot worked, so I was pretty happy with that.

The white count all looks better, though the WBC is still low at 3.7 (range was 4.3 to 11.0). So this week I’ll be looking at items to help it.

Platlets normal.

Potassium though still down, is up from last measurement, at 3.4 (ref range is 3.5 to 5.5). That too is on my list to improve. My glucose was a little high but you get that when you eat cinnamon rolls covered with carmel and nuts right before your blood work. These were some we bought in Amish Country on a short trip down there last week, I had them frozen and this morning they were calling to me — so I ate a couple with some tea a couple hours before my blood draw. Everything looked pretty good on the Chemistries. I cannot complain.

Mind you these are all expedited reports, if there are any changes, they will appear on doc’s computer, but right now he’s okay with things. We’re ordering tumor marker numbers for next week.

On other health related issues–

It is cedar/juniper time now and the weather is getting a bit cooler, so I have allergies to deal with. I respond well to things like Benadryl, Chloretrimetron (sp) and other patent meds, so can keep most of it under tight control. I avoid crowds and places like theatres, catching flu would not be my preferred state of being right now.

I have started to exercise again, very mildly.

On other issues, several of my friends have had their websites hacked — people who subscribe try to log in and are taken to strange sites (mostly pornographic), so it seems they’ve had their hands full lately with people who think it’s okay to do this type of business wreckage. My guess is that these efforts are coming from low-brained competitors who want to take out my friend’s sites. One of these incidents was actually on YouTube, and the person that did the hack suceeded in getting my friend suspended. When my friend decides to rebuild it will be on iTunes. Good musicians don’t have time to mess with anything but their music, and my friend is not really well-versed in YouTubery and such. I get a lot of spam too, from people who want to be YouTube friends on my own account — who’s sites I’ve never reviewed, so I ignore most of it. I actually dropped off FaceBook due to lack of interest and time. Social networking is a mixed bag for me, especially since I was diagnosed with this cancer. I figure wordpress is a pretty safe place to have a blog, so decided to track this disease progression on our existing blog here at wave4. I hope to get back soon to finding future interesting articles in our existing categories, like adhocracy, business and economy, and computing/telecom that more reflex the meaning of the world to come. People however have shown some interest in the progression of this cancer, one person commented privately that this site now has quite a bit of information not found easily on other sites, so I’m keeping it running, though I’ll probably make a cancer category soon.

We joined Netflix a few months ago. I now have a new favorite movie, Idiocracy, a Mike Judge special. I think you have to be INTJ to appreciate this one, an INTJ friend turned us on to it. I am seeing signs all over the economy and social areas, not to mention The Green Life, where life may be taking a turn in Idiocracy’s direction. We also got in and watched Night at the Museum, I and II, which were totally cute.

Hard to believe it is November 2010. Maybe 11/05/2010 will turn out to be a totally lucky day! Best wishes to Nurse Deb, who just had a knee replaced. She’s not due back at work until December, and we all, workers and patients alike miss her. Welcome back too, to Nurse Mary, whom we saw at the clinic today. All the clinic workers, new and old, are very special people, thank you all for your hard work.

Joule Watt







2 Responses to “Chemo 13 — Lucky Numbers”

  1. Hello Leane, Love to hear from you when you are eating cinnamon rolls! Hang in there, have a wonderful November. Still praying, your friend Jeanni

    • Thank you Jeanni, I love you and the rest of my friends from high school so much. I’m so glad you are in my life now and that you are able to help the people in your bridge club who are also suffering from this disease. You are blessed for doing so! When you consider that one out of eight women are getting breast cancer these days its becoming a national movement to find cures and share information. We all help one another and whether I live two more days or twenty more years I’ll be working for this cause. If I don’t hear from you again have a lovely holiday season. I’m learning how to play chess, and bridge can’t be too far behind now! Your friend, Leane

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