Chemo 12

12 saw the addition of ARANESP as my Hemoglobin has dipped down to 9.1 from 10.5. Normal reference range on this test was 11.6 to 15.9 — I’ll continue to take these shots when the H is under 10 until it builds back up. Everything else is good to continue re the blood. Today also we added some Potassium, as mine wavers in and out of normal range. It was 3.3, normal reference range on this test was 3.5 to 5.5, and its either in range or slightly lower. Time to hit the store for bananas and other foods rich in potassium and I’ll be cutting down a bit on salt just on general principles.

We did Avastin and Taxol today. Right now I am feeling probably the best I’ve felt yet in two years. Yesterday’s trip to Pryor, Talequah and the return via the new Toby Keith Hard Rock Hotel in Catoosa — it is a great structure, with what looks like a limestone frieze on the tall walls reiminscent of a Cherokee Arrow, and there are Indian symbols all over it. We ate at the Toby Keith Steakhouse there, and had an awesome meal. In fact, Hubby and I finished the leftovers (save for the huge baked potatoes, from which I will get a second meal tomorrow!). I ordered a 12 oz ribeye (on purpose), and consumed 1/4 the day we ate there, 1/4 tonight, and left 1/2 for hubby for tonight, and every bite was as good as the last. At the restaurant itself, C had the prime rib sandwich, I had that steak and a loaded baked potato, and a side salad; and hubby had a smoked prime rib that just melted in your mouth. Then, C helped me over to the counter in the area where the electronic slots were, and I got a game card. They actually credit you with a $10 gift to get started, and since I didn’t know what I was doing (every machine is slightly different, and you have to read the machine board to understand what you are playing in terms of selection of “lines” and “how much you want to bet on the number of lines you’ve chosen.

I haven’t been in a casino since 1993, and trust me, the machines have changed considerably. The artwork on them is, of course, even more glorious than it used to be, the games more statistically precise, and even though the player hits a couple buttons and the slots go round and round, now you receive paper chits when you log out of a machine, and you have your plastic card to ID yourself to the machine, all the accounting is done like that. No more gazillion coins coming down into the trays — it used to be a dangerous proposition to hit in a crowded casino, because in some cases the coins would scatter all over the place, counting out was a pain in the arse, older people were being carted out from slot arm by EMS, and in general it was insane. It’s still colorful and noisy, but I like it better.

I only covered a very small portion of the floor where the major restaurant are…we found that the hotel has a bunch (I think 7 or 8) places to eat, including buffets, which I love.

I tinkered with about ten slot machine types, trying my card in machines of each time, mostly supporting bets of a penny up to 25 cents — serious play is beyond me until I get familiar with the current machine layouts and devise my bet strategies and plan out my game bank. I also am wondering if there are video poker machines out there, I love that game and can sit for hours playing that. Usually winning dinner money is all I need to do — and in spite of total unfamiliarity with the new games, I spent none of my money, used my $10 gift, and wound up in the win column with a total of 13 CENTS. YAY! It was really fun.

These short trips have also stimulated construction of storyboards, I take my colored pencils with me now in the car, and as we drive along, make quick sketches ofwhat I see, or what C or hubby talk about. Oklahoma, I am finding out, has diverse biotopes, some beautiful country, interesting animals and lots of history. I love driving through the Indian nations, for example.

I took the boards with me to chemo today, and the 8:30 to 2 pm drip was made a lot less shorter by just being able to sit there in the chair, reflect on yesterday’s drive, and ink in my boards.

Hubby is starting a Trip Lines blog here on wordpress, and I hope he’ll get more of our version of “Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives” up for the readership soon.

I’m  not due back at the chemo center until November 5th for the next treatment. So we’ll see what I can do with diet from now to then.

Joule Watt




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