Chemo 11 and some insight

Needless to say, this treatment (strictly Taxol) was a good one. The port is working properly and my poor arms are welcoming the relief! By way of insight it occured to me tonight that it probably isn’t just one thing “working” but the gestalt (haven’t used that word in a long time) of the Taxol and the Avastin, and probably the other drugs I’m taking for pre-meds that are basically allowing for a good improvement in my bloodwork. In addition, though this may seem silly to some, I found my copper bracelets, which I cleaned up and put on this week. I used them a long time ago, back in the 1990s for anemia improvement, and sure enough, there was improvement all over the RBC studies this week, very little is out of the abnormal range now and its just “a little bit out”, not enough to bias whether I get the chemo or not.  Even Flash seemed a bit nonplussed at this ancient technology. I got out my old catelogs for companies that supplied materiel like the bracelets and sent off for new ones. While I’m not interested in doing acupuncture anymore (that was a skill I did quite a bit when I had Neuro Magnetics running), I am interested in investigating some accupressure devices I know are out there on the market. I have a mental idea of a “cancer-Eze” series of alternative therapies, particularly for people with impossible cases — mostly as pallatives, but who knows. Am more convinced than ever that we really are stabbing in the dark with our understanding of cancers, and that we will be facing more and more people becoming sick in the future. I am glad awareness is growing world-wide concerning the illness and hope better days are ahead for all of us.

Joule Watt


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