Chemo 8 and 9 — It’s now vacation week

Chemo 8 and 9 showed a definite improvement in numbers. As of bloodwork on 9 done 9/23/2010, everything looks about where its supposed to for this chemo regimen, and as of Chemo 8, done 9/16 — C15.3 is downturned to 523.9 from the 600s. Come Monday Sept. 27 I’ll be having a port put in, thus giving my arms veins a well needed rest. (not to mention the techs, who cringe when they see me coming). I’m sure that will all go smoothly and result in a better turn around time for the Chemo hookup.

Since the latest on the Avastin (bevacizumab) is that the FDA will be making its decision on 12/17, having deferred decision on the 9/17/.2010 meeting, I’ll have a couple months too to get a few more treatments should we decide that would be a good thing. Right now I’m tending in that direction as I’m pretty well convinced that in my case the drug has made the difference, along with the Taxol, and previous bout of radiation. My tumors are still shrinking and breathing remains good.

My weight is holding at 125, and I’m sleeping well. Favorite foods still include turtles candies (thank you DeMets for still making them), and Tapioca pudding, also Rice Pudding, so I’m calling this recovery diet the Turtles and Tapioca express. I still try to get the right amount of veggies, vitamins, protein, carbs, and fats in as well, and so am constantly grazing.

Hubby is making his awesome Hungarian goulash again today, and we even have fresh made (frozen) egg noodles to eat with it. Dinner will be, in a word “awesome”.

Other than that, nothing new really to report. I’m feeling better overall, and my bouts with fatigue are not as bad as they were after the very first rounds of chemo back in 2009. I just plan for plenty of rest, and now we’re even taking short drives (I’ve a driver for these) to explore surrounding areas — we are doing what a lot of other people are doing, and using Guy Fieri’s “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” as the motivating force to visit other towns. You can catch Guy’s show on Food Network Channel or hit their website. You can even do a Google search for the sites he has visited. Our first one was a place in Venita, OK, called Clanton’s. Hubby and C,our driver, got chicken fried steak special, which was excellent, and since I’m on a hamburger search protocol, I got a cheeseburger — I took what I didn’t eat home and would you believe, the next day it was even better than the day before. I have a couple more routes planned for observing fall colors (would you believe I’ve never done that before) and we’ll search out the restaurants along the remnants of the old Route 66 on the way.

I’m looking forward to getting my reflexes back in order, and my own car fixed (the air conditioner isn’t working, and that is a must here), just to take short trips around town here. It’s amazing what you can find in your own back yard. Just because I have cancer doesn’t mean I have to quit living.

Joule Watt

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  1. Hey Leane, Enjoy your r & r and your t & t express. Love your blogs and hope you can put some meat on your bones. We are still praying for you and think you are very brave. I have quite a few on chemo at the bridge club, you have helped me understand their struggles and pain. Hugs and kisses, Jeanni

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