How to take 1/2 day vacation

Today we took a 1/2 vacation from life…our friend CR drove us to the nearby town of Owasso, where we feasted at the IHop. It was a great little trip, and for 3 hours (not counting brunch) we drove around checking the burg out. It is definitely a town I liked. Lots of malls, stores, and reminded me very much of Alamo Heights in San Antonio. My energy held up well for the car ride and we even hit a Sonic on the way home (through another small town — Nowata) where we got some really good ice cream sundaes and floats. We arrived back in our town a bit after noon, so all facts considered, it was near perfect. The weather held, it wasn’t too horribly hot (like right this second!) and hubby and I enjoyed the ride immensely. CR just got a new car, an HHR, and it was a blast to ride in. Very nice for something that looks like a box, basically. I could get used to the car, indeed. It seemed easy to drive and very roomy inside.

I think when you can drive 45 minutes to an hour from where you live, and enjoy a good meal, then head home, you’re in good shape for a half-day vacation. I’ll nap this afternoon for sure. This is my week off of chemo so its a great time to relax.

Here it is Monday, Sept. 6th already! We had another excellent adventure on Friday, Sept. 3rd — this time CR drove us north, on 75, and all around — lots of great ranchland that’a’way, as well as some homesteads with some acreage. We ended up at the Copan Restaurant, in Copan a little burg north of B’ville — the food there is awesome. They make a superior onion ring and the portions are huge. I ordered a burger, a small salad, and a half order of the rings and have been eating on it ever since. Hubby got the special: catfish and fries and we’re sold. CR had a taco salad, all fresh ingredients, and we were all really impressed. We plan on going back. They feature something called a Flat Iron Steak, which I guess is a particular cut — hubby says a “top blade steak” … anyway it sounded great.

On the docket for today, since its Labor Day, is rest and food, food, and more food. The scales here yesterday showed about a two pound gain for the week so I’m pretty happy about that.

Joule Watt


2 Responses to “How to take 1/2 day vacation”

  1. Have a wonderful week.

  2. Thanks Jeanni17 — for reading the post and your comment! I will!

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