Chemo #6 and the new “temp” doc

We like the replacement doc. He addressed issues that were important to me, which I had covered with Nurse Deb prior to today’s meeting, and were pleased to find him intelligent, agreeable to the current program, and willing to work with Deb on our cases (don’t forget Zarkov and I got diagnosed within a month of one another back in April 2009.) I reported to him that I was very satisfied with the current treatment, and settled on an “ain’t broke don’t fix it” philosophy. He will have tumor marker numbers run on the blood tests as of 9/9 so we can perhaps see from that if there are any changes. The tumors continue to shrink. Bloodwork pretty much remained the same, although there was a good improvement in potassium level (back to normal range).

Chemo #6, save for the difficulty today finding a good place to start the IV, went very well. We used the old morphine trick (inject a couple ml into the arm of choice and let it warm up for ten minutes or so) to get the vein. It took five stiks and a lot of careful wiggling, we had to go up near the elbow to get backflow. The weather cooled off outside and it was pretty cool inside too. My body temp was registering around the 97. 6 mark, not unusual for me, so the morphine injection (2 ml) heated the arm nicely and the blood finally flowed well. Seriously, I guess I’ll have to investigate getting a port eventually.

The doctor is a serious, middle-aged guy with good intentions. We liked him. More later as I think of it.

Foods obsessing my appetite this past week included tapioca pudding and rice pudding (Kozy Shack brand), cheesecake, cream cheese and vegetable, Genoa salami, Butterkase, other cheeses, lots of celery and carrots to dip in the vegetable flavored cream cheese, thin crunchy breadsticks, freezer pastry, sausage egg and cheese croissants, sausage and biscuits with plenty of gravy! Zarkov grilled an amazing rib-eye steak yesterday, which we had with onions and mushroom sauce and steak fries. There is plenty left too, so there will be some good food in my future. Hubby really is an amazing cook.

Weight held at 118. The only side effects so far that I had to report to the doc were the falling out of my hair (3/4 out now, def. can’t go without my wig!), and fatigue, which is to be expected. I have instructions, which I will follow to the letter, to call if anything strange happens. Meanwhile, I now get a week off, and the next appt is 9/9/2010.

Other good news, our best friend is coming med-Sept for a short weekend vacation. Hubby’s sister and brother-in-law are also due in , not sure when, so we’ll have some cool company for a couple days.

Joule Watt


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