Chemo #5 Business As Usual

This was a pretty good chemo session. Today all I had to take besides the pre-meds was the Taxol, and it went very well. Nurse Barb got the IV going in two stiks which was good. The needles we use at the clinic have a silicon coating, and I find it itchy and it stings, I think I must have a little allergy to the compound. However, it was taken care of when I received the benedryl pre-drug, and a little bit of morphine took care of the attendant pain in my arm…sitting there for a couple hours with a needle in your veins is a bit difficult sometimes. However, I didn’t want to invest in a port just yet. Hubby has one and they must be flushed every five weeks or so — even though his cancer is cleared, the doctor was reluctant to remove the port — hubby’s veins are smaller and harder to find than mine and I know he’d never be able to put up with the weekly injections etc. Needles don’t really bother me that much, after years of studying and practicing acupuncture, so I’m more than willing to put up with the stiks on days when the veins are recalcitrant. We’ve pretty much narrowed it down to going up a little higher in the arm toward the elbow, where the veins are a bit bigger, the needle entry is easier at that point and the nurses have an easier time of it. Me too, though for me, the teeny bit of morphine (or if that is not available, ativan works well to calm the nerves) more than gets me through the session.

To say I’m happy with the Taxol/Avastin combo is an understatement. Not only have all the little lumps and bumps practically disappeared (some of that due to radiation), I’m feeling better overall in spite of the effect chemo has on your bloodwork. It really isn’t too far out of the normal range at the moment, and I’m looking into ways to improve the red blood count. Whites and platelets look pretty good.

I met with Nurse Deb, our Nurse-Practitioner today — and indicated to her that I’m happy with her tending my case. She indicated that next week I’ll meet with Flash’s temporary replacement, and I told her I don’t want anything changed in the therapy as long as what Flash had in place is still working according to plan. She told me she was on board with this as was the temp.

So, chemo #5 went by without a hitch. Once again we stopped at the local donut hole and brought in two dozen for the nursing staff. You gotta take care of your nurses!

Updates to this will be added later if I think of them. Right now, all is well.

Joule Watt


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