Chemo 2

Today, the format was the pre-meds (aloxi/decadron, benedryl, and pepcid) followed by Taxol. Avastin gets delivered on the 1st and 15th day of therapy, so it will be given next week. The session went pretty well (two sticks by floater nurse). Flash, Zarkov and I are all in agreement that there is some improvement in the skin — esp. in the size of the nodules, which seem to have shrunk. My appetite is good, and I’ll be on autopilot next week — Flash has to go someplace. Appt next week will be Blood on Tuesday, Appt and chemo on Wed. Until then, its rest deluxe.

We got a new adjustable bed (hospital type) for me, and a new recliner for Zarkov (hubby) so we slept great last night.

All our scripts are filled, so that’s all done.

The lab doing the genetics tests now has all its data that it needs, and will analyze the sample we sent. I’m really looking forward to seeing the results. If it come back BRCA1 and 2 totally normal I’ll be amazed. Results will be posted right here and whatever links I can find on the efficacy of such tests and why they should be run will be elucidated.

Otherwise I’m feeling pretty well and am carb-loading on pistachio nuts and high caloric foods. Weigh holding steady at 116, and I hope to go up this week.

Joule Watt


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