First chemo this morning. It went well. Taxol and Avastin.  Predrugs: aloxi/decadron, benedryl, and pepcid. Took about four hours front to back.  We’ll be drawing blood once a week and the chemo will be on Thurs. at 9:20 with a doctor’s interview at 9:10. We’ll be keeping an eye on the bloodwork and also the marker numbers. So let’s give this treatment a week to get started. We’ll be doing three weeks on and one week off, for a series of 6. First pass. Cost: right around 10K.

Feeling pretty good at the moment. Just finished a chocolate malted as a reward and I’m more than ready for a nap.

Flash is just keeping an eye on my breathing for the moment. I start having problems we’ll look at having the left lung pleura drained, and getting me oxygen, but he’s pretty confident if we can kill off the cancer, we can get the fluid under control as well.

More notes here as I think about them…

Joule Watt


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