Chemo Starts Thursday

Done with radiation for now, and will start chemo again on Thursday, July 15th at 9:20 with the Taxol and Avastin. My appt. with Ming was sobering enough for me to have the date moved up from August 5th. He also showed me xrays of my lungs after the thoracentesis the other day, guess what, because of rubbing tumors on the inside of my lung lining, I’ve got fluid on the left side too. I’ll be talking to Flash on Thurs about getting that removed. Blah.

Wed. I go in for the blood draw on the genetics test. Even though it may not seem totally relevant to everyone its important for me to have it done. Hopefully the cost will not be so prohibitive I can’t afford it.

Here’s hoping the chemo stops this cancer dead in its tracks!

Joule Watt


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