New Update

Well, you can certainly tell by my bloodwork I wasn’t feeling too well these past few weeks. While not substantially off, the numbers on some scales were skewed. Flash sez the lung irritation may have been caused by the rads, so we are basically done with that — Ming can hit certain spots up the road if they start to be a bother. What he’s done so far is working, and I am on the mend, sorta. We’ve opted to start chemo again on 8/5, with Taxil and Avastin.  Also, I am going today for another reeval and possible thoratencesis on my right lung, Flash wants my lungs as perfect as possible before we restart the chemo. Another good thing is that we may be able to get some genetic tests done — I’m almost 100% positive I will have mutant BRACA 1 and 2, based on family history, and he’s agreed to look into Olaparib for me. I left him with an article on Dr. DeBono and the NEJM article of the trial. I feel really good about it all, and I know that if I die it will not be because we haven’t tried it all, but rather that I just have run out of body.

UPDATE: We just got back from Leane’s thoracentesis. They were able to remove 1.2 liters of brownish fluid from her right pleura. They sent her home but told us to watch for signs of the lung collapsing tonight. She’s resting comfortably now and sipping on hot chicken broth.

— Mark

More later.

Joule Watt


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