Asthmatic Bronchitis halts Radiation for now

Some brief news. I had to halt rads after 12 temporarily, having been hit with some really nasty allergen induced asthma that swung into bronchitis on June 23. Probably the nastiest asthma attack I’ve had in years. Of course, shortness of breath is a primary symptom of the presence of cell death — we knew the rad was working — I had the presence of mind to get my short-term inhaler refilled that Monday just in case and it probably saved me a trip to the ER. Information on acute asthmatic bronchitis can be found online at wikipedia etc. It is a condition I know intimately, I get it very periodically — this time the triggers were dockweed, grass pollen, and mold — the heavy rains have really propagated the mold blooms — and of course being run into the ground by the rads, I had little recourse with which to fight this thing.

However, I’m pleased to say I’m pulling out of it, my lungs expectorated nicely, and the choking and coughing is almost over. All the doctors appointments have been rescheduled for after July 4th now, and everyone is just going to have to wait until I’m strong enough to handle more treatment or anything else. My biggest goal at the moment is REST and FOOD while my body clears what it can of dead cells, cancerous or otherwise.

Per an article in by Cynthia Busuttil, a Maltese doctor, Johann de Bono, and his research team, along with AstraZeneca and the Royal Marsden Hospital’s Institute of Cancer Research, published a study in the New England Journal of Medicine on the new drug Olaparib — this drug works together with a patient’s own specific molecular defect. I need to get the exact link to this interesting piece because it holds so much hope out.  I am hopeing somehow that I can get more information and get on this drug. I personally believe this is the direction cancer medicine must take because by the time the cancers hit late stage, like mine, it is an individual disease that wastes each person in it’s own manner.

Meanwhile, I’m trying very hard to get better, and have high hopes for the next couple weeks that I can get back on the program here. As light and as small as I have become now, I am confident that even the 12 rad sessions I’ve had will help.

I wish I had better news, but right now the regimen is just rest, rest, rest, and cram as much food as I can down to compensate for nutrient loss and weight loss. I’d be a liar if I said the 12 rad treatments were totally smooth — they weren’t, for various reasons, and  before I continue, I need to see Ming and have him take a look.

He wanted 13 to 15 treatments, He got 12 before my health broke, and now it’s in the hands of God, basically. I thank everyone who is praying for me, because right now I need all the help I can get. And thanks to for my wonderful husband, who has really taken excellent care of me during this crisis.

I personally am praying for the continued success of this new therapy and am hopeful I can survive long enough to participate in any anti-cancer research that involves it.

Update X1: Article rf from NEJM:
As more pieces on this research come in I'll be adding them to the blog. 6/30/2010

Joule Watt


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