Rad 4

Friday was 4/15 radiation treatments to abdomen and back completed. I’m holding up well so far, at least I think I am.

The marker numbers for the June 1st run came in. The CA 27.29 was up to 848.4 from 733.4, clearly establishing a trend. The CA 15.3 marker was down to 426.1 from 545.0, my guess here is that the meds are working. When the numbers get mixed like this it can be a bit confusing.

So why the radiation? Simply, the cancer cells in the bloodstream don’t seem to respond as well to the meds, and wind up migrating towards the skin surface or wherever they can get purchase, and form lumps and bumps. This is still breast cancer, but it mocks behavior of skin cancers.

The radiation will, we hope, wipe out a bunch of these guys, and I’m banking on the Femara and Zometa to continue to protect my organs and bones.

People have asked about what I’m eating, and until last month, my answer was “whatever I can get down”. That’s still my answer but I’ve added a good multivitamin, and now that summer’s here, will indulge in my favorite fruits (stone fruits like peaches and plums are right up at the top of my list), and whatever cool veggies we can find here in Oklahoma. A local farm and ranch store has opened up their vegetable tent so weekly runs there have been great so far. My aunt recommended asparagus. I bought some canned, but have not yet had the occasion to open it. I much prefer it fresh. For juices, I’m in love with Ocean Spray’s collection of grapefruit juices, their Ruby Tangerine tastes exactly like I remember the grapefruits tasting in our back yard while growing up in South Florida.

Until radiation is finished and for a few months thereafter my sole plan of activity is rest, rest, rest.

Will update this blog when my markers are run first of July. Meanwhile, everyone take care and stay healthy.

Joule Watt


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