Twists and Turns

Because of the Memorial Day holiday, my tumor marker numbers were not computed by the time of my oncologist appt. It was immaterial however, in that some of the cancer cells were not responding to the meds, and forming hard little clusters under the skin. Breast cancer does this. So we had mixed results and mixed markers that couldn’t line up in a trending direction. They may have in the June results, but I haven’t seen those. After talking it over with Flash, we switched from Tamoxifen to Femara, and at his instigation we’ve opted to see Ming again for radiation — I went meet with him this morning, and they’ve marked me up front and back so they can do a 15 day treatment on these nodules. Apparently, the meds do very well on protecting organs from the cancer but not so good on the cancer cells in the blood that float up to the skin, where about an inch from the surface they form clusters of cancer cells, hard nodules, exactly what I’m experiencing. They get too big and start pushing on nerves and stuff happens. Ming says that after the radiation treatments, they should start to soften, and hopefully by the follow-up appt. 30 days later, they’ll be pretty much gone. I can only hope. That it would give me more time alive I have no doubt.

Also this month, we will be doing a follow-up MRI on that brain tumor from last year. I told him I thought we needed to do it, and Ming reminded me, had that tumor not shrunk, but instead taken off, I’d have “gone semi-comatose, then into a full coma, then I’d be dead”. I could only respond with “I know”, and that we’re all amazed I’m still here, thanks to him and Flash. I like Ming. He’s merciless on the cancer and doesn’t mince words when it counts. Whether that thing is a Schwannoma (benign) or whatever I haven’t had any symptoms from it so let’s hope it did eventually shrink and go away from the treatment last year.

Other than that, I feel okay.

Signing off for now,

Joule Watt

So here it is: 15 days of radiation, front and back, on the worst of these nodules, continuance of the Femara, and the Zometa. Then we watch.


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