Interesting results from PET

First, the bloodwork: perfecto.

The PET scan was revealing. It showed improvement to neck and thorax, and most of all to the lung. The improvement to my lungs is just phenomenal, and also all the little surface bumps seem to be shrinking on my chest and back.

However, now there seems to be a hypermetabolic mass lurking medially right lower quadrant inferior to renal pelvis. No liver lesion. Physiologic activity in kidneys, bladder, and bowel.

The bone lesions are mixed, some have improved, some have heated up a bit. Seems to me both the Tamoxifen and Zometa are doing their jobs.

Tumor marker numbers: basically CA27.29 has stayed stable (658.9) and the CA15-3 (473.8) jumped this month.

Some part of this may be due to the intense constipation — if you’re on pain meds (and I am on some) — things tend to slow.

I got the ok from my onc to hit the Sennekot, the Miralax, and whatever else it would take to restore more normal functioning to the area. If it doesn’t work I’ll call him in a few weeks and discuss other options.

I’m open to anything, including having some of these more ornery critters biopsied, although I doubt they would prove to be a second type of cancer. Going back on chemo, although mildly annoying, is not impossible, provided we watch carefully for signs of anemia, which we ignored last time and wound me up in the hospital.

All in all, this PET is a vast improvement over the one this time last year, which is referenced earlier on in this blog.

Hubby also had a PET done last week, and results today show him still in clean condition. So we both felt pretty good leaving the Cancer Care clinic — we went to Lot-A-Burger.

Joule Watt


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