Hooray, not much fluid buildup in my right lung!

Just got back from xray. The radiologist says there is insufficient fluid in the pleura to even worry about doing a thoracentesis. It’s been nine months since the last one. I look at this as a good sign, esp. since Flash picked up on air movement last appointment. This, at least, is getting much better. I attribute some success also to the product Advair, which works famously on my allergenized lungs. It’s elm, maple, and cedar, about my three worsts, so I’m figuring some tightness may be due to that.  All in all, this is the best piece of news I’ve had in a while, so pardon my enthusiasm.  I called Flash’s office and left messages with his nurses with a big thank you. Somehow what he’s done here has been the right therapy in a lot of respects — and you have to give credit where it’s due.

Joule Watt


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